I carry enough tools and supplies to repair most broken parts in a single visit for a reasonable price.

Action Regulation:

Adjustments aimed at increasing the efficiency of the mechanical part of your piano are called action regulation. Frequently, relatively inexpensive adjustments can make an enormous difference in the sensitivity of touch, allowing you to play much more expressively. These adjustments restore the correct tolerances that were set when your piano was new, but which gradually changed over the years with use. There are over a dozen adjustments per note. My job is to recommend which of these will make the greatest improvement with the least expense.


Adjustment of the tone of a piano is called voicing. It is accomplished by making careful changes to the shape and density of the hammers. A properly voiced instrument can sound remarkably more beautiful. Voicing is the most difficult skill for a tuner to learn, and it typically takes years to master. I enjoy this task of bringing out the greatest beauty in the sound of an instrument.

Refurbishing and/or Rebuilding

Partial or complete rebuilding is available. New pinblocks, soundboard repair or replacement, bridge repair or replacement. Bring new life back into your old instrument.

Humidity Control

Certified Piano Life Saver Technician. Installation and maintenance of Piano Life Saver Systems.